Welcome to First Class Fitness

First Class Fitness was founded to help people feel better, move better, perform better, and be a better version of their current selves. Self-improvement is what they focus on!

FCF are always improving the services they provide to their clients and members, through continual professional development, and learning from the best of the best. Investing in themselves is something this team do not shy away from. FCF are dedicated to providing the most effective personal and group training system around.

The coaches are not ‘fitness freaks’, but are fitness enthusiasts, that have devoted their goals to helping others fulfil theirs! They are passionate about health & fitness, and stay at the cutting edge of this ever-changing industry. To give it to you straight, they are devoted to ensuring everyone under the FCF parachute receives the attention, care and support they require and deserve.

The FCF coaches are all highly qualified and academic, in that they all hold a Bachelor degree in either sports coaching, science or performance. This is evident in their First Class approach to everything they offer and provide.

Since establishment FCF has helped individuals to fulfil a wide range of goals, whether it be for aesthetic, health or performance purposes. When someone joins the FCF family, their goal becomes the coach’s goal, in that what is achieved is a collaborative effort where the coaches show and guide you down the right paths, and then you take the all important steps.

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