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21st June 2016

Are You Potty Training?


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Are you Potty Training?


Hi Peeps!

How’s it going?

You can’t reply so I’ll answer for you…

“Awesome Jamie, training and nutrition are great!”

Boom! Nice one!

… Clearly in one of those moods,

Any who…

So, what do I mean by are you potty training?

Well, by this I mean, are you still using the potty even though you are ready for the big people toilet…

I was training a client today and when we do some exercises, we have been using regressed versions (easier versions),

When this certain individual first started, they required the easier option as their initial fitness level couldn’t complete the more difficult exercises,

But, as this person has developed and progressed they have improved their; strength, fitness level and reduced their body fat, resulting in them being able to cope with more difficult exercises and progressions.

However, it could have been very easy for them to just carry on with the easier exercise,

But they knew if they did this… They wouldn’t progress,

One of the key things is intensity, or in other words, how hard the individual works during the certain exercise,

The second key thing is the principle of progressive overload,

Each week you should be improving, adapting or changing in some way or form, even if that’s just by completing one more rep than the previous week.

And if your finding a certain exercise not particularly challenging, that’s a pretty good indication it’s too easy… I find the talk test and the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) scale most effective when it comes to measuring intensity,


Never forget what Anthony Robbins famously quoted – “If you always do what you’ve always done. You will get what you always got.”

When you’re too advanced for the potty, it’s time to use the big people toilet…

Oh, and men, remember to pee with the seat up…

Have a good day all!


Jamie ‘Gone Potty’ Heath

PS – Put the seat down after as you’ll get a load of s**t from the females!

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