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13th June 2016
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Barriers – I bet these are slowing your progress?


A few people from fitness camp inspired me to type the email. As much as I like to think we as coaches at First Class Fitness inspire you, what you often do not realise is that you inspire us each and every day with your hard work, commitment and dedication.

So, what is a barrier? A barrier is defined as an ‘obstacle that prevents movement or access’. In the field of health and fitness then, it is at its simplest form, something that attempts to prevent you from fulfilling your health and fitness related goals. Therefore, a barrier is dangerous to you, as it could easily halt your progression, and stop you dead in your tracks!

I’ll give you a few prime and common examples of everyday barriers to exercise and healthy eating:

– Everyone else in your household does not eat healthily

– Work or time commitments (a new job for example)

– Food dislikes

– Social life

– Pressure from friends to go out drinking

These factors can easily become barriers if you let them! For example if you cave in every weekend and go out drinking then the chances are you are not going to fulfill your goals. Especially if they are weight/fat loss based.

EVERYONE has barriers to exercising and
healthy eating in their life. FACT! The wealthiest man in the world probably has the time to exercise twice a day everyday with the best personal trainer in the world, however he has the money to eat out in fancy restaurants every night which is inevitably going to be a barrier to his progression. Millionaires shortbread on tap #literally

It is extremely easy to let barriers come between you and your goals. Its an easy excuse, and something that most people will sympathise with. For example, if you said to someone I can’t attend training this Friday because I have a meal, most people would be understanding, and not question this. Now, it might be that you physically can’t make the meal, IE you finish work at 4:30 and need to be at the meal for 5. However, you might not have to be there until 7, but you tell yourself I need ‘x’ amount of time to get ready, therefore I will be pushed for time. In this situation you can use this barrier as an excuse, and skip training, oryou can leap over the barrier and hit an intense 30 minute training session, or leave fitness camp early, and use the college sports centre showers just like a client of ours did last Friday! She jumped over that barrier like a 100 meter hurdles Olympic champion, and told me the week after she was buzzing at the meal she attended!

Ill give you another example. Another client of ours suffered a strained abdominal muscle on a Saturday morning at Fitness Camp. She returned on Tuesday, and asked for alternatives to ensure she wasn’t directly isolating her abdominal muscles. It would have been easy for her to take a week off, however she wasn’t going let that barrier stop her. This reluctance to be beaten was just one of the reasons she received Trainer of The Month during our April programme.

So, ask yourself this question. Are you letting to many barriers halt your progression? Please think hard about this, and be honest with yourself! Maybe sit down for ten minutes and think about it seriously. Write down all the barriers you can think off. Like I said, it could be anything! Maybe its lack of willpower, lack of social support. Whatever it is, unless you address these barriers then you wont be able to break them down.

So, how do we address these barriers. Here’s a couple of examples below.

If it’s lack of social support and social influence that are your barriers then:

1. Explain your interest in health and fitness  to friends, partner and family. Tell them your goals, and state that you would like them to support you and not lead you astray.

2. Ask them to support your efforts. Invite friends and family members to exercise with you.

3. Plan social activities involving exercise.

If its lack of energy then:

1. Schedule physical activity for times in the day or week when you feel energetic. Remember our Fitness Camps run morning and evening, and our trainers work from early AM till late PM.

2. Convince yourself that if you give it a chance, physical activity will increase your energy level; then, try it.

3. Ensure you are fueling your body correctly for exercise utilising our e-newsletters to assist you.

Completing these small simple tasks can make a massive difference to the effectiveness of your training and nutrition, helping you to fulfill your goals. Remember, it may take a while to find the correct strategy for you. The same strategy may not work for everyone. It’s not one size fits all, but unless you address these barriers and start experimenting with strategies to beat them, then most likely they will always be there to slow you down.

Our trainers would love to help you brake down your barriers, therefore if you require some assistance in doing so then please contact us and we can sit down with you and create a plan of action. This is something that we value with the highest importance so please utilise our ability and skills to help you break down these barriers.

If you have found this email helpful, then please let us know. We value your feedback!


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