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20th November 2015
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Progress is NEVER Linear
26th November 2015

Carol Morgan – FCFC


I’ve been going to FCFC for just over a year now and I can honestly say “I LOVE IT”.
I feel great and I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, I have always worked out but FCF is something different!
Marcus Biles, Jamie Heath and Mesha Moinrad are very inspiring and encouraging coaches and have helped me to fulfil my goals and overcome a lot of challenges, they have been there every step of the way giving me support, encouragement and making me feel like anything is possible!

July last year I injured my back! (I slipped a disc) which I didn’t know I’d done! I knew I’d done something but didn’t realise how bad it was! I carried on attending FCF as this wasn’t going to stop me from working out! ” She’s mad” I here you say! maybe… but working out for me is important. Marcus and Jamie made it possible for me to continue joining in with the class the best I could by continuously adapting the exercises so that I could take part, they both always made sure I was ok and never made me feel inept at all. When I finally found out what my injury was I had to stop working out for a month (Sept) This was a nightmare for me!! But the FCF team never let me feel forgotten they checked up on how my recovery was coming along, still giving me encouragement.

In October 2014 FCF took a team up to take part in Tough Mudder, an event that I’d signed up to do before I had injured my back! but me being me I still went and with the help of the entire FCF team I was able to take part and complete this gruelling event and what an event… it was amazing we had such a laugh as a team, the whole team helped me along the way making sure I was ok and nothing was hurting and making sure I didn’t further injure myself it was such an experience, something I never would have thought of doing if it wasn’t for the guys at FCF.

In February this year I also took part in an event called Tuff Enuff Breakout Portland with the FCF team, most of us got up on a Sunday morning to train with Marcus, Jamie and Mesha who had given up their time for us to further our fitness for this event. My main goal for this event was to conquer the monkey bars!! Since being at FCF I had been working on my upper body strength and I knew I had got much stronger. I smashed the monkey bars and got across… I was so proud of myself, that’s another thing you will find you get at FCF a sense of pride in your accomplishments be it losing weight, inches, body fat or gaining muscle definition getting stronger and fitter it will come from you working your butt off with everyone at FCFC.

Another event I took part in this year was Challenge Weymouth, I did it as part of a team, I did the run, half a marathon! Again, this is something I never would have thought of doing before I started at FCF, but I felt that my fitness was at a level that I could do it! And, with the support of my friends, training partner and Marcus giving me training advice and support I did it.

So as you can see I’ve been on a journey since I started with FCFC and its one that has given me a sense of accomplishment and pride in myself, not only have I learnt to stop staying “I’m fat” I actually eat food YES FOOD! And, lots of it…, I no longer think “I’m going to put on weight if I eat that!” I’m actually telling other people that they need to eat good, clean food and work out, which is amazing coming from me, lol. This has all come from me being educated by the guys at FCF, what with our e-mails about… well everything really that you need to lead a better healthier life. Nothing is to much trouble for them, if you have a question about nutrition or working out they will help you.

Going to FCFC for me is a way of life, it’s something I do. As I said before, “I love it”, I’ve made amazing friends and although I do take it seriously we have fun, I think it’s fair to say although I might be pulling a face because It’s tough, I’m usually smiling.
Keep up the good work guys and thank you for giving me the chance to accomplish all that I have so far.

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