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Gemma Ayles – FCFC
20th November 2015
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Lynne Hunt – FCPT
20th November 2015

Frankie Sayles – FCP

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I would never in a million years think that next year I would be completing my first Full Ironman… and its all thanks to the First Class Fitness Team….
I joined First Class Fitness over a year ago now. I was bored of the same gym routine that I would do 3 times a week purely to keep the weight off (I have a very ‘healthy’ apatite, I refer to it as a ‘swimmers apatite’). So a friend mentioned trying a Free Trial Week with FCF.
I didn’t really know what to expect as I’m so used to working out on my own that the thought of doing it with a hall full of strangers terrified me! But I had nothing to lose so I signed up. I was so nervous entering the hall but was made to feel welcome straight away, not just by Marcus and Jamie but also by a few of the FCF members too. The first session was tough but very enjoyable, it was completely different to any form of exercise I had done before. I was excited to go back for more!
After being with First Class Fitness for a few months I was invited to join them in a Tough Mudder. I had never completed a Tough Mudder before and I am a massive over thinker, I didn’t want to sign up and hold the rest of the team back or ruin anyone’s day by not being able to do obstacles. That plus I had massive doubts in my head that I just couldn’t do it. Regardless of all the above I was convinced that I would be just fine and that I would enjoy it, so I signed up… and it was one of the best decisions I made! The day was incredible, all of my doubts seemed silly and pointless as it was one of the best team building days I’ve ever taken part in.
The next ‘challenge’ for myself was signing up to the First Class Physiques programme. Now I’ve never really been one to want to ‘lift’ or ‘gain’, I don’t mind kettle bells, medicine balls and bags but the thought of actually lifting a bar has never really been appealing to me. I’ve never wanted to look muscley and I know I have absolutely no upper body strength whatsoever so I didn’t want to put myself through the embarrassment. Saying that, after a brief chat with Marcus and Jamie they made me believe in myself and cleared up my negative opinion of what the Physiques Programme was about. So I signed up. I really enjoyed the programme and not only did I learn about ‘Eating For That Physique’ I also learnt how to lift properly and enjoyed the programme. I lost weight and inches, became more defined, I am now able to lift a lot heavier than I ever thought was possible and I also really enjoyed the different type of training.
If I take a step back and look at how I was a year ago to how I am now it scares me how far I have come and how much my exercise/training has changed. This is purely all thanks to the First Class Fitness team, their expertly coached sessions, knowledge, passion and dedication towards helping people achieve their goals is so inspiring and motivational.
I joined First Class Fitness to balance out my swimmers apatite and keep the weight off… a year on I have completed 2 Tough Mudders, Physiques Programme, 3 Sprint Triathlons, 2 Half Marathons, 1 Half Ironman and now entered The Full Ironman for 2016… this is all down to the boys constant support, motivation and belief in me that I never had in myself. I am physically and mentally the strongest I have ever been and I’m looking forward to continuing to achieve my goals with the full support of the FCF Team.
Thank You!

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