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Leon Harvey – FCFC
20th November 2015
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20th November 2015

Gail Sargent – FCP

When my friend first told me about first class physiques’ I thought that sounds just what I need, get fitter, lose some weight and be committed for a period. I noted my interest and as the start date came nearer I kept thinking” is it going to be right for me”. Having not done this type of exercise for a long time or been to fit camp, I was worried I’d not be able to keep up, I’m not getting any younger.

I went to the seminar and was blown away with the professionalism of all the coaches and the information to take in. I was very nervous at the first training session but found everyone so enthusiastic. We started on techniques before we lifted weights, it was all a lot to take in but there was three sessions each week so you gained confidence each week. I was given a “go to coach” who was on the end of the phone almost 24/7 for any of my questions, great.

Once you get the idea of the nutrition it’s not too hard, you do need to plan what you eat. The fit camp recipes are useful. Once you get in a routine it becomes easier. Planning and food preparation is the key.

Every three weeks the exercises changed to target another group of muscles or to match the nutrition plan. This helped to keep the interest because you’re learning new exercises.

The coaches are like personal trainer’s always making sure your technique is right and all the other girls are so supportive, no one judges you and you’re not competing against anyone just helping one another.

I’ve lost over a stone and my shape has changed for the better. I wasn’t sure I could keep up and sustain the focus but the training although hard is really enjoyable and the coaches motivate you.

I have loved the last 12 weeks so much I’ve signed up again, so if you’re in need of more energy, motivation and a desire to shift some pounds, without starving yourself, go for it, it’s great!

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