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20th November 2015
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20th November 2015

Lynne Hunt – FCPT

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Hi, my name is Lynne, I am 55. This morning I went for a run in Birmingham city centre (I am staying in a hotel with work).

I did the same thing yesterday but today I ran a little faster.

So what?

Well…….. This time last year I had just joined the gym. I had booked some 1-to-1 personal training sessions with Marcus on the recommendation of a friend. I started to see Marcus twice a week. At this time I weighed 13 stone. I could not balance easily. I could not bend or stretch very far. I could not do one press up or a lunge. Going up any stairs made me breathless and my knees and hips ached. I was wearing size 18 trousers my waist measured 34.5 inches.

My first few months of going to the gym were a real psychological battle. I wanted to stay at home and not go, I would feel very low at the thought of pushing myself physically as it would hurt sometimes and I felt like crying. I would curse and feel like chucking it all in.

However I kept going because I knew that I had to sort it out for the sake of my health. Marcus kept me going and kept pushing me. There were times when I was in a bad and dark place but he would get me back up again and set me a new challenge. We spoke about nutrition and good food. He made me realise the importance of healthy eating and cutting way back on alcohol. I got in touch with The Clean Cook and that changed the way I ate and I cut out alcohol for a good while.

As I got a bit fitter I joined fit camp and now a year on the rest is history!
Today I weigh 9 stone 12. My waist is 25 inches. I wear size 10 trousers.  I go to fit camp twice a week, have two 1-1s, I cycle a bit and I have just started going for short runs.

I am stronger, fitter, lighter, healthier, and much more switched on and happy.

So what?

That’s what!

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