First Class Fitness was founded to help people feel better, move better, perform better, and be a better version of their current selves. Self-improvement is what they focus on!

FCF are always improving the services they provide to their clients and members, through continual professional development, and learning from the best of the best. Investing in themselves is something this team do not shy away from. FCF are dedicated to providing the most effective personal and group training system around.

The coaches are not ‘fitness freaks’, but are fitness enthusiasts, that have devoted their goals to helping others fulfil theirs! They are passionate about health & fitness, and stay at the cutting edge of this ever-changing industry. To give it to you straight, they are devoted to ensuring everyone under the FCF parachute receives the attention, care and support they require and deserve.


Marcus Biles, BSc

Marcus co-founded First Class Fitness, along with Jamie, in early 2014. Together, they have put immeasurable time and effort into the company, and their hard work allows it to continue to expand.

Marcus has been keenly interested in the health and fitness industry for many years. Having participated in numerous sports throughout his childhood, Marcus’ degree in Sports Coaching & Performance reaffirmed his passion for health, fitness and coaching. As his university course progressed, so did his fitness; Marcus competed in triathlons and Ironman events, placing highly in his age category. Marcus graduated with first class honours, and alongside university during his third year was successfully accredited as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and NSCA Fly-Solo Strength & Conditioning Coach. Following this success, Marcus returned home to set up his business.

In early 2014, First Class Fitness was born. In tandem with Jamie, Marcus designed a series of programmes, ranging from large group training to one-to-one personal training, all of which fell under the First Class Fitness umbrella. As the months progressed, Marcus’ personal training client roster and First Class Fitness Camp’s membership grew, with his and Jamie’s hard work and dedication to the company clearly paying dividends. Today, First Class Fitness encompasses Personal Training, First Class Physiques, First Class Fitness Camp, First Class Nutrition, and is ever-expanding, coaching way over 100 people every week. The First Class Fitness approach to doing things – that we should always do the right thing, even if it may be difficult – reflects Marcus’ approach to his work and, more broadly, his character. Marcus enjoys the challenge and process of training diverse range of people, with different health & fitness/sporting goals.

Alongside being a personal trainer, Marcus designs and leads the First Class Physiques and First Class Fitness Camp programmes, as well as creating much of the content for First Class Nutrition. Away from work, Marcus enjoys weight training, triathlon training, obstacle events and relaxing with his family and friends, like any other person.

Jamie Heath, BSc

With Marcus, Jamie co-founded First Class Fitness in early 2014. Given his broad health and fitness interests, Jamie is a key leader in all branches of First Class Fitness.

Having graduated from Southampton Solent University in the summer of 2012 with a BSc (Hons) Coaching with Sports Science, Jamie had truly found his passion for health and fitness. Having become a personal trainer, Jamie’s qualifications complement his First Class Fitness portfolio: Personal Training; planning and coaching the First Class Physiques programme; planning and coaching First Class Fitness Camp; overseeing the day-to-day responsibilities of the business. He enjoys training his devoted personal training clients and both FCP and FCFC members, with it making him very proud when he sees individuals fulfilling their goals and seeing the new-found confidence and happiness that comes as a result of their training.

Jamie has always been active and sporty, and is especially passionate about football and triathlon, as well as being keen to challenge himself in new ways. This year, he was introduced to extreme obstacle racing, and has completed two half-marathon obstacle races, with another two more planned before the year is up. Jamie has previously trained for and completed in triathlon events.

Thanks to his university studies and experiences since co-founding First Class Fitness, Jamie has the ability to train individuals with a wide variety of goals, whether it be weight management, muscle gain, athletic performance, or something completely different.

Mesha Moinirad, BA

Mesha has been part of the First Class Fitness team since December 2014. High-intensity sport and fitness, especially basketball, have been an integral part of Mesha’s lifestyle from a young age. His passion for sports has developed into coaching basketball and completing gym-based training programmes.

Mesha graduated from Southampton Solent University studying BA (Hons) High Performance Coaching in 2015, with his degree particular focused upon nutrition. Mesha is also the sports conditioning coach for the Weymouth Basketball Club, coaching a variety of players; from beginners to GB youth players. Whilst studying at university, Mesha became involved with First Class Fitness Camp, eventually planning and leading some sessions. Mesha continues to be involved with both the First Class Fitness Camp and First Class Physiques programmes.

Overcoming a life-changing illness has amplified Mesha’s passion to help others. In order to do this within the fitness industry, he has completed his Level 3 Personal Training Qualification. Mesha’s knowledge, skills and experiences are a basis for providing individual exercise programmes and nutritional guidance for a variety of goals: weight management, sport-specific performance, muscle gain, or simply encouraging a healthy lifestyle.