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21st December 2015
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21st June 2016

The Power Of Food


When it comes to losing weight, we (First Class Fitness) are very much against completely banning or eradicating certain foods from an individual’s diets. This is purely because it usually ends in the individual thinking about those foods and craving them more than they did before, due to them having to avoid them. Something called the ‘white polar bear effect’ in psychology…

Chances are you are thinking about a white polar bear now 😉

One of the first things you learn about nutrition on the life bus (there’s a throwback for some of you!) as a child is paramount. BALANCE.

Now, as much as we believe eradicating foods from someone’s diet is counterproductive, and that balance is key, we are also aware of the hyper-palatability of certain foods to individuals. ‘Palatability’ is the hedonic reward (i.e., pleasure) provided by foods or fluids that are agreeable to the ‘palate’. Add hyper to the beginning, and we are talking about foods or fluids that provide us with a huge hedonic reward (A ton of pleas
ure!), making us likely to binge and overeat these foods.

For me (Marcus) I get this from cappuccino flapjacks, peanut butter M&M’s and reeces chocolate. Put it this way, I’m salivating all over my keyboard after thinking about these foods whilst writing this article! Yours will be totally different, as will everyone’s as we are all individual. The problem with these hyper-palatable foods is that once we start eating them, we can’t stop! Remember the Pringles slogan ‘Once you pop……..

Many believe hyperpalatable foods are major contributors to the obesity epidemic at the moment in the UK, and studies have reported these foods as crucial barriers to long-term weight loss success.

The important thing we believe is that we must, as an individual understand our own eating habits, and in this case, foods that we binge eat on due to their hyper-palatability. A way of doing this is utilising the’ Power Of Food Scale’.

The power of food scale simply consists of you rating foods on a scale of 1-5 in terms of how palatable they are to you. 1 being it does nothing for you, and 5 being, once I start eating that specific food I cannot stop!

The foods you register as a 4-5 you need to be most aware of, and understand that leaving them in your house, putting yourself in front of them a lot (walking past the same bakery with Mr.Blobby doughnuts in the window everyday for example), is going to make losing weight more challenging, as these types of food are so attractive to you as an individual. You would be wise to avoid these foods where possible IE do not buy them, and avoid restaurants that have that specific cheesecake on the menu, however you can eat them but again understand you are going to struggle to stop, so buy the smaller bag, or give half to your partner etc to avoid overeating them.

Foods that are a 1-3 you do not need to worry about as must and you are not likely to over eat them.

This is a very simple yet effective strategy that could help you manage your weight better, improve your compliance to your nutrition plan/diet, and avoid poor eating habits (binging). Let us know if this has helped you, or whether you will be utilising the Power Of Food Scale. Tag and Share with friends you feel this may help also.


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