National fitness Day

National Fitness Day


This week was National Fitness Day^^^

My week (24th – 30th of September)

This week was… PRODUCTIVE 


35 hours of PT, 8 classes, filmed content with Mesha for GymPro, had a few meetings/consultations with potential clients/members, met with two potential FCF coaches for the future, had a website meeting for our new website, completed all of my 3-5 important admin jobs which I set myself everyday (including two articles/blogs for you guys!)

As you can see its been a very productive week work wise, and also very exciting.

Our new website is looking slick, and it shouldn’t be too long until we launch it. One of the most exciting parts of it, is that were creating a members only login area, where all our current clients and members can watch videos/tutorials which we have created that talk them through nutrition, training, mindset, a specific exercise or food group, etc, which is going to improve our service tenfold!

Its amazing when you start everyday pumped for work, and finish everyday content with what you’ve completed and achieved. Long may it continue! I usually start every day pumped but often finish the day without doing something that I wanted too (very frustrating!)

Training & Lifestyle

This week was National Fitness Week, therefore I ensured I trained pretty much everyday. Additionally everyday I thought about the benefits of keeping fit to me (next weeks article), there are shed loads!

My training is good momentarily. Its not my top priority as the moment, and I have no specific goal apart from keeping fit, strong and healthy. Therefore, I’m just mixing things up and enjoying it. Next year I will put the hammer down 1) because I want to race in triathlon again 2) I want to be in great shape for my wedding.

My nutrition reflects my current training status. I’m eating well. I’m nailing the basic so to speak, in that I’m keeping a calorie maintenance or slight surface, meaning that I’m either maintaining my weight or slightly increasing it (muscle mostly of course). When I’m eating out and enjoying treats etc, I just ensure I’m winning the numbers game, IE, calories in vs calories out 😉

Quote of the week

“If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, what difference does it make what the scale says?”

Have a great week everyone! 


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