Hi Team, 

Today I want to pose a question to you.

What are you prioritising in your life?

Everything in life is about priorities, and what you priorities will dictate what your life looks like and what direction your life is going in. 

Here’s some comparisons that may get you thinking: 

Weekly Healthy Food Shop – £100 – Expensive 
1-2 Nights Out – £100 – ‘Standard’

Months Worth of Personal Training – £150-200 – Luxury
Sky TV, Netflix & Amazon Prime – £150-200 – Must have 

Months Worths of Health Supplements (Protein Power, Greens Power & Multi-Vit) – £50 – Waste  
New Top or Pair of Jeans – £50 – Bargain

Personal Growth Seminar – £250 – Crazy fee
New Suit, Bag, or Shoes/Boots – £250 – Need to have 

60 Minute Training Session – Wish I had time
60 Minutes Watching TV – Time flies, next episode

90 Minute Weekly Food Prep – Sundays for rest
90 Film on Sunday – Essential 

15 Minute Daily Stretch/Mobility Work – I’ll start next week
15 Minute Daily Flick Through Facebook – The difference between life or death 

We all like to moan about time and money, however really it comes down to priorities. 

Hopefully the above priorities have got you all thinking about your priorities and where they currently are. Are they helping you move forward and progress, or are they the thing holding you back and stalling your progress? 

If you currently have a bad back, if you’re putting on unwanted weight, it you’re losing strength, if you’re becoming less flexible and unhealthier then look at where your priorities currently sit, and how you could trade some expenses and/or time commitments to habits/expenses that will serve you better.

At the end of the day, “small daily habits lead to long term growth”. If you experience daily lower back pain then trading 15 minutes of your time daily from utilising social media to stretching and mobility work could save you daily pain and discomfort.

Additionally, taking a greens powder daily would likely ensure your immune system remains stronger, meaning you will get unwell less throughout the year. Suddenly the £50 a month spent on supplements could be a bargain/money saver if less days are taken off work, etc.  

Im not telling you to cancel your sky account and sign-up to PT, please don’t feel thats the point of this email, however I’m asking you to challenge and analyse your priorities. Do they align with where you want to be in 6 months, a year or 5 years even? Just one change in your priorities could make a big difference over time. 

Coming back to small daily habits, it is said that if you read 36 books on a certain topic you will likely be an expert in that particular field by the time you finish. Now, lets say you want to do that in 3 years then you need to read 12 books a year, 1 a month. So, if you read a chapter a day, you will very likely complete this. 36 books sounds like a real slog, however a chapter a day is reasonable. 

The same as losing a pound a week on average would lose you 52lbs in a year (nearly 4 stone) if weight loss is your goal. 

Please do me a favour and right down your 5 main priorities In life. I guarantee they are similar to mine below:

– Health (Physical, Mental & Social Well-Being)
– Relationships (With my Wife, Family & Friends)
– Career/Business 
– Travel (Seeing The World)
– Leisure (Doing Things I Love To Do) 

Health will more than often be number 1, as you can’t serve others from an empty vessel. To do 2-5 you more than likely HAVE to be healthy. Therefore, are you actually prioritising your health over the priorities below and those further beyond? 

If not, then you need to make some amendments to the way you live your life. You need to look at what your investing in finically and time-wise and see whether it adds up with where you want to be in ‘x’ amount of time. 

These are the changes I will be making over the next couple of months: 

– Trading TV on certain evenings for reading (a chapter every other day is my aim for the rest of the year)
– Completing 15 minutes of stretching/mobility work every other day following training instead of waiting for my food to cool down

Two simple changes which will increase my mobility helping me get stronger and avoid injury as well as becoming more educated in health & fitness and business. 


What changes will you be making to your priorities and expenses? 

Much love